"The Bookworm is that very rare, almost extinct thriller: well plotted, intelligent as hell, with a truly memorable main character 'Lara The Bookworm.' This is definitely sterling Silver!" --James Patterson, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"To those classic categories of spy/thriller/mystery literature, the “What If ?” and the “Who Done ?” let us now add a new genre, the “How Did ?” Mitch Silver’s “The Bookworm” is a masterpiece of speculative revisionism and in this aspect a captivating read, a romp." --The Washington Times (full review below)

“If you feel that a special book might one day save your life...then the new spy thriller The Bookworm by Mitch Silver may be just what you’re fancying. Will you enjoy The Bookworm? I think so. It might even change your life or our nation." -- Compulsive Reader

“A phenomenal political thriller. Seizing my attention from the very first page, The Bookworm kept me captivated and swiftly turning pages in nail-biting anticipation of the final resolution. One of the best political thrillers I have had the pleasure to read, and I recommend it highly to fans of this exciting genre.” --Fresh Fiction

“I devoured it. It combines elements of a political thriller and a historical novel. A thrill-filled surprise, which keeps you in awe of developments.” --Book Notes

“This is fast and fun, with one of the best McGuffins I’ve ever’s an exciting tale...” --Historical Novel Society

“A fascinating read for both conspiracy theorists and thriller fans.” --Bookloons

The Bookworm by Mitch Silver is a gripping thriller....” --Carol’s Notebook

“Silver romps through history dropping names like so many is a highly entertaining, tongue-in-cheek tale.” --Highland Beach Library

Washington Times (Full Review)

"To those classic categories of spy/thriller/mystery literature—the “What If?” and the “Who Done?”—let us now add a new genre, the “How Did?” Mitch Silver’s The Bookworm explains one of history’s greatest blunders—and I use the superlative advisedly.

“In a collage of time periods: the 16th-century, the 1940s and is Mr. Silver’s excellent adventure in World War II that becomes gorgeous inventive fiction narrated by, of all people, Noel Coward, and enlivened by the chanteuse Marlene Dietrich in a stellar cameo. In 1940, Hitler is on the verge of crossing the English Channel to invade Britain. But, inexplicably, he attacks Russia instead. The Russian Front will cost millions of men and doom the Third Reich. Question: How did Hitler come to make such a numbskull mistake?

Answer: Nostradamus made him do it, as Mr. Silver tells the tale, and just how is the fun part.

“Nostradamus was the oracular medieval seer whose dire and vague predictions appear most alarmingly today in inflammatory fantasies on the History Channel. Mr. Silver makes him the linchpin of a book firmly set in 21st-century Moscow, with forays to venues like the cozy bedroom aboard Air Force One and the chilly coast of the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge.

“The title character of The Bookworm is Lara Klimt, a gorgeous Eurasian-Russian brunette and modern history scholar in Moscow, who receives from a mysterious stranger a bag of obsolete recording cylinders which have been unearthed at a London construction site in the rotted satchel of an MI6 courier who was killed by a V-2 rocket, his body lost and buried until now. The book’s central mystery, set in our time virtually next week, involves nefarious dealings between an unnamed trillionaire American president and the most-macho-despot-of-all-the-Russias.

“It is a masterpiece of speculative revisionism and in this aspect a captivating read, a romp.”

— Philip Kopper